Momentum For Change Reports

2018 Momentum For Change

Four years ago, The Health Collaborative was established to address the high rates of obesity, chronic diseases, lack of equitable access to healthy foods and physical activity opportunities, and poverty experienced by residents of the Dan River Region. Knowing that a healthy population is key to our region’s social, economic and physical vitality, our approach to building a healthier community is founded on a broad definition of health that goes beyond the absence of disease and illness. Research has shown that health is more than what happens at the doctor’s office and is influenced by more than just our individual health behaviors. In fact, fifty percent of the factors that influence health outcomes are related to socio-economic and built environment indicators. To address these factors, The Health Collaborative takes and integrated approach complementing the existing programs of our partners with policy, systems and environmental changes to ensure long-term sustainable impacts. With five main goal areas—active living, healthy eating, access to healthcare, healthy spaces and leadership and capacity building, we are committed to creating communities where current and future residents have access to opportunities to live healthy.

2017 Momentum For Change

For the region to thrive, we must create environments where current and future residents have access to opportunities to live healthy. This includes neighborhoods and communities where all residents can safely walk, bike, play, purchase affordable and healthy food and access medical care within close proximity to where they live. It also includes neighborhoods and communities that support positive social and economic environments and address the root causes of poor health including unemployment, housing, transportation and food insecurity. 

To keep us accountable in improving health  outcomes, The Health Collaborative has released its first Momentum Report The numbers and data included form our baseline by which future progress will be measured. We recognize that in order to have a lasting impact on the health of the community, we will have to take a long-term, multi-pronged approach. 

Momentum for Change