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2017 Health Equity Report


2017 Report

Dear Community Members, 

The Health Collaborative in partnership with Centra, Danville Regional Medical Center, Danville Regional Foundation and the Institute for Public Health Innovation, is pleased to present the Dan River Region's first Health Equity Report. As part of a larger community health needs assessment, the map-based report provides critical insight into the many factors that influence our community's health. 

Over the past ten months, a committee of community partners have been working together to collect data, engage residents, identify common themes and analyze trends to better understand our region's current health status. In believing that health goes beyond the absence of disease, we have included a broad range of social and environmental factors in our study. These conditions cover economic stability, educational attainment, poverty and the distribution of opportunities created by our current built environment. 

In the pages of the report, you will find the  first chapter of our journey towards Health for All. Serving as the starting point, this report contains a summary of the community health needs assessment process, a snapshot of our current health status, and an overview of health equity and the factors that influence our well-being. However, the focal point of this report is a series of maps that break down regional, city and county data to the census tract level. By having the ability to see how factors including, but not limited to, income, food access, crime, education, and built environment impact different areas of the region allows for the importance of place to be highlighted. This includes the concept that it is ineffective to only focus on behavior changes, when the environment does not support the changes that need to be made. Using this report as a tool to drive positive change we can help create a healthy, active and engaged region where everyone lives in an environment in which they have a fair opportunity to thrive. 


The Health Collaborative



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