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2016 Health for All Action Plan

2016 Health for All Action Plan

Dear Community Members, 

The Dan River Region Health Collaborative is pleased to present the first Health for All Action Plan. This plan is the culmination of nearly two year’s worth of research, collaboration and innovation by numerous hardworking individuals and organizations from Caswell County, NC; the City of Danville, VA and Pittsylvania County, VA.

The Dan River Region is a great place to live. It includes charming small towns and neighborhoods, urban centers and historic downtowns, scenic river views, farmland and a rich vibrant history. Yet, our region’s greatest asset is our people, and a healthy population is key to our social, economic and physical vitality. Currently, Dan River Region children and families are burdened with high rates of poverty, obesity and chronic disease. This situation is not unique to us. This is an unprecedented public health crisis that is affecting many communities across the county. What is unique to us, however, is the dedication and passion of the many organizations, individuals and community groups working to improve health in our region.

A group of passionate professionals from different sectors came together to discuss how to address our region’s health challenges. It was apparent that the challenges we face are too complex for any one organization to tackle alone.
The group, now known as the Health Collaborative, agreed to create a set of shared goals, strategies and actionable steps that are sustainable and can positively influence the health behaviors and outcomes of residents in the region.

The following document is the result of this work — a 10-year regional plan to create an environment that supports health for all residents and promotes healthy lifestyles in the Dan River Region. The plan is a true community effort, and we want to thank the more than 400 individuals who shared their ideas, talents, time and commitment. This plan is a blueprint for ACTION, and to be successful, we need support from all sectors of our community, including local government, civic organizations, businesses, faith leaders and residents. Please consider what you or your organization can do to help us achieve the goals outlined in this plan and join the movement to help the Dan River Region THRIVE!


The Health Collaborative


View the plan HERE!