coordinating committee

Coordinating Committee

Jason Bookheimer, Strategic Planning Lead

Pleshette Bowens, Relationship Development Lead

Ann Cassada, Pittsylvania County Chapter Chair

Billy Crumpton, Equity Lead

Alexis Ehrhardt, Marketing and Branding Lead

Shani Gaylord, Orientation and Membership Lead

Rhynecor Inge, Relationship Development Lead

Brett Jackson, Evaluation Lead

Sarah Keaton, Orientation and Membership Lead

Cori Lindsay, Caswell County Chapter Chair

Annie Martinie, Coordinating Committee Chair

Lauren Mathena, Policy Lead

Kitt Mayo, Danville Chapter Chair

Danielle Montague, Equity Lead

Bryan Price, Advocacy Lead

Evelyn Riley, Professional Development Lead

Tim Schwantes, Independent Advisor

Amanda Young, Budget, Grants and Funding Lead