Health Equity Report

2021 Report

Dear Community Members, 

This report reminds us that health starts where we live, learn, work, and play and for this reason, we need everyone – not just public health professionals – to be part of the work to support health for all people. For several years, The Health Collaborative’s partnerships have broken down silos and built connections across sectors. We have engaged residents, worked to build and repair trust, and fostered a culture of collaboration and learning across the region. The social capital and community capacity built has allowed us to have hard conversations about the root causes of poor health and health disparities and has highlighted areas of shared concern. With this strong foundation, we can align efforts, leverage resources, and maximize capacity in ways we couldn’t before and in ways no one organization could do on their own. While this progress may be hard to measure, we know that today, we are much more prepared for this long-term effort and much better equipped to address the complex challenges we face. Though there is still much work to do, we hope you feel proud of how far we’ve come and inspired to continue this deep work together.


The Health Collaborative


View the 2021 Health Equity Report Story Map, including links to the full report and executive summary.


NEW! View the Data Book which provides a breakdown of each metric by Census Tract.

This resource is meant to complement the full report. Each of the tables in the data book include data for every Census Tract in the region listed in order of highest to lowest values. Breaking down the data to this smaller scale allows us to see differences such as which areas within a community have the highest prevalence of disease or the lowest rates of poverty. As a result, we can better identify and understand health inequities.


To learn more or to get involved contact:

Maggie Richardson
Regional Coordinator, The Health Collaborative

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