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The Health Collaborative is made up of individuals and organizations who come together to learn, build and strengthen relationships, and take collective action towards improved community health. Each person brings unique skills, experience, and perspectives to this work and when we bring them all together, we can create real, lasting impact in our communities. Being part of The Health Collaborative helps you advance the issues you care about most.

There are many ways to be involved in the collaborative with varying levels of commitment and participation. There is no formal membership for our Local Chapters and Regional Collaborative. Anyone can participate at any time. If you would like to dedicate more time to addressing a specific issue, we encourage you to talk with your local Chapter Chair about joining or starting a Chapter work group (Visit our Local Chapters page for more information).

The Coordinating Committee and Coordinating Committee Action Teams are working groups that support the collaborative’s structure and processes. These are the most formal volunteer roles in our collaborative and generally require more responsibility and a greater time commitment. These positions are filled through an application process.


We are currently recruiting for several volunteer leadership roles!



Now Accepting Applications for...

Coordinating Committee (CC) MembersThe role of the CC is to build and maintain a strong and active collaborative structure with broad ownership and leadership opportunities, representing the diversity of the Dan River Region. The committee focuses on process, structure, and governance, not content. The strategies to address our vision areas (active living, food justice, quality healthcare, and healthy spaces) come from the chapters.

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Coordinating Committee Action Team MembersIn order to advance the major goals from the Committee’s annual work plan, members of the Coordinating Committee will co-lead Action Teams comprised of other Coordinating Committee members, collaborative partners, and residents with special skills or interest in the action team topic. Similar to the Coordinating Committee as a whole, these action teams will focus on process, structure, and governance, not content. Specific strategies for addressing our vision areas (active living, food justice, quality healthcare, and healthy spaces) will be developed within the chapters and their work groups.

2023 Action Teams will include:

  • Policy & Advocacy: This action team will create a process that allows THC and its partners to understand which policy issues are most important to local residents, to develop a policy agenda, and to advocate for federal, state, and local policy changes that support health for all people in the Dan River Region.
  • Professional Development & Learning: This action team will develop a mechanism for identifying, prioritizing, and providing learning opportunities to chapters, community partners, and residents based on their needs and goals.
  • Sustainability: This team will develop a sustainability plan to build capacity and secure funding for THC for the next 5-10 years. They will support learning and exploration around possible alternative collaborative governance models.
  • Health Equity Taskforce: The taskforce will provide conscious and intentional support for THC ensuring that there is alignment of strategies with THC’s Equity Principles in all areas of both internal and external work. The Health Equity Taskforce is an existing group that meets regularly and is seeking additional members.
  • Marketing and Communications: This action team will develop a clear messaging and communications plan for THC members and for the community that help us all articulate what we do, what we don’t do, our approach, the needs (including those outlined in the Health Equity Report) and the interconnectedness of our work across the region.
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Applications will close on Friday, June 16th at 5 pm!


If you have questions or would like to discuss what roles might be best for you, please contact Maggie Richardson at or 434-766-6761.