Improving Access to LGBTQIA+-Friendly Care in Rural Areas

By: University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center

July 5, 2022

"Pride of Rural Virginia will aim to maintain accurate, up-to-date information on safe and affirming providers while determining how to manage clinical staff changes and field feedback from LGBTQIA+ patients. They want to support rural clinicians on the journey to provide equitable care for all rural Virginians, and hope to utilize any negative patient experiences as a starting place for conversations about affirming care in order to improve the experiences and health outcomes of future LGBTQIA+ patients.

O’Connor identified stigma as a challenge they still face in some rural areas in Virginia. They are making progress with individuals and communities, but the process of destigmatizing LGBTQIA+ sexual orientation and gender identity can take years. The impact of stigma can be compounded by the challenges surrounding confidentiality in rural communities." (Read More)