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New AMA Policy Recognizes Racism as a Public Health Threat

November 16, 2020

CHICAGO — New policy adopted by physicians at the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Special Meeting of its House of Delegates (HOD) recognizes racism as a public health threat and commits to actively work on dismantling racist policies and practices across all of health care.

COVID-19: Health as a Common Good

July 29, 2020

"Hasn’t the time come to think of health as a common good that we collectively protect, and disconnect, from social and economic forces? As a society we are a collective, and it is only by taking care of ourselves as a collective that we will coexist with inevitable pandemics and other potential natural disasters."

Digital prosperity: How broadband can deliver health and equity to all communities

May 28, 2020

Because broadband affects nearly every social determinant of health, barriers to adoption and use represent significant challenges in individual and community-level outcomes.

Why the Census Matters for Rural America

February 26, 2020

Census data are used to determine which areas are considered rural and help researchers understand the characteristics and needs of rural America's population. Policymakers use census data to make decisions about how to allocate federal funding for programs that service rural America.

US health officials link childhood trauma to adult illness

November 6, 2019

In a report released Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tried to estimate the impact of harmful childhood experiences on health in adulthood.