COVID-19: Health as a Common Good

By: Alfredo Morabia MD, PhD, American Journal of Public Health

July 29, 2020

"The public health verdict, which echoes AJPH associate editor Lisa Bowleg’s heartfelt cry, is clear: we’re not all in this together. This pandemic shines a spotlight on the ways injustices intersect and channel the brunt of the burden to low-wage earners, those discriminated against, the poor, and the marginalized. Nothing new here. But today, thanks to rapid communication streams, we see the injustices unfold before us. These are not transient issues that will fade away with the pandemic. These are structural issues, much older than the pandemic, inherent in the way that current public health institutions approach health. But why is it that the social and economic disadvantages have to translate into equivalent or worse health disadvantages?... (Read more)"