In Faith Communities

Faith communities have a special place in the hearts and lives of many of our region’s residents. The combination of trust, support, and focus on spiritual well-being place faith communities in a prime spot to have a significant positive impact on the health of their members. In addition, the strong social networks woven into these communities play an instrumental role in the ability of members to meet their health goals. 

In January 2019,  College Park Baptist Church and St. Luke's Methodist Church banded together to establish a coalition of faith-based organizations which encourage and support the creation of programs, policies and environments that support health and wellness for its congregation and the surrounding community. 

In order to create and support the building of a healthier Danville, College Park and St. Luke's are committed to efforts that go beyond the walls for the church to have a community impact. They invite and encourage other faith-based organizations to join this network and participate in the THRIVE! Initiative. 


Shared Calendar 

The Google Calendar below is a shared calendar for the THRIVE! Faith-based coalition.  As more programs are added, the information will be published to the calendar. From this calendar, you will be able link to program flyers, descriptions and even copy the programs to your own calendar! (Programming starts at College Park in April)