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Imagine a Dan River Region where the local food system promotes vibrant farms, healthy people, strong communities, and a thriving local economy.  The Healthy Eating Action Team is committed to building the local food system and providing access to fresh and affordable food near where people live. 

As a taskforce under Healthy Eating, the Community Food Network is dedicated to fostering relationships among local food system participants and advocating for policy change and infrastructure development in order to create a fair and economically robust food system. 

Regional food system stakeholders and advocates within the Community Food Network organize around projects that aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Economic development: Local food systems contributing to regional economic development and the economic development and business communities valuing local food. The local food system is also recognized by businesses and stakeholders as a valuable part of our regional economy.
  • Marketing and communication: A consistent way of talking about our work on multiple platforms that caters to all stakeholders.
  • Local distribution: An established foundation for local distribution.

The Community Food Network is committed to building a food system that is fair. We developed the following equity statement to guide our work: The Community Food Network will work to remove barriers and actively seek participation from communities and individuals affected by food system inequities so that they have the ability to participate fully in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all local food projects and initiatives.


Ways to get involved:

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