food entrepreneurship

Food Entrepreneurship

A thriving local food system includes multiple components, but we often focus on only two – local farmers and consumers. However, a community food system integrates food production, processing, storage, distribution, marketing, consumption and disposal. All of these components together will enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of a community.

The Health Collaborative’s Healthy Eating action team is working with Smithson Mills of Blue Ridge Food Ventures in Asheville, NC to explore the feasibility of developing a shared use kitchen and food processing facility in the Dan River Region.  The facility would support small scale food entrepreneurs, and also provide a mechanism for storage, distribution and marketing of local food products. Mr. Mills has determined that our region has a moderate level of demand for such a facility.  We are now engaging organizations partners to provide leadership and capacity to such an initiative. 

Volunteers are need to help promote local food sourcing, finding out what products are needed, what facilities are required and how The Health Collaborative can make it happen.  Contact Elyse Jardine, at or 434-799- 2176 to get involved.