About Us

Who We Are

The Health Collaborative is a cross-sector group of residents who are working together to improve the health and well-being of the Dan River Region.  Our goal is to make the healthy choice, the easy choice - at home, work, school and in your neighborhood, so that all community members can thrive. The Health Collaborative has built teams of dedicated volunteers to work on the topics of healthy eating, active living, access to healthcare and creating healthy spaces.


The Health Collaborative unites organizations and creates action to support health for all people in the Dan River Region.

Impact Statement

Indicators reflect a healthy, active, engaged and educated region where everyone lives in an environment where they can thrive.

Guiding Values

  • Health Impact— Will the strategy influence a greater number of people over a longer period of time in order to create a healthier population in the Dan River Region?
  • Feasibility— Is the strategy likely to happen based on current capacity, available resources and political will?
  • Health Equity— Is the strategy likely to directly serve the individuals in most need? Does it create opportunities for neighborhood and community residents to design, lead and implement initiatives to improve their own health and the health of their neighbors?

History and Purpose

Over the past few decades, many cities and counties, including ours, have unintentionally built communities where healthy choices are hard to find. Motivated by the Dan River Region’s declining health status and continually falling score in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s County Health Rankings, a group of concerned organizations gathered to discuss this challenge and how to take action.  Officially establishing itself as The Heath Collaborative in the fall of 2014, the group worked together to create strategies that would work towards preventing the region’s most chronic diseases—obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart diseases and cancer. Within the last two years, The Health Collaborative has grown to more than 90 individuals representing more than 50 organizations in local government, education, healthcare, business and nonprofit sectors.